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ICSI is an effective modern method of male infertility treatment. It’s the only way to overcome such severe cases of infertility as congenital defects (the absence of deferent ducts), it makes possible to become father even after vasectomy. ICSI is performed in our centre and our specialists will be able to give you detailed explanations about medical indications for the procedure and how the procedure is conducted.
The difference between IVF and IVF with ICSI program
During a standard in vitro fertilization procedure the sperm function is similar with those in a natural conception, while in ICSI program only selected sperm chosen by embryologist is injected directly into cytoplasm of an egg with a microscopic needle.
Doctors at IVF clinics usually prescribe in vitro fertilization treatment for patients with tube peritoneal infertility, while ICSI is an advisable form of treatment in cases of significantly reduced male fertility.

Preparing for the ICSI procedure

The specialists use a special reagent that breaks up the egg's protective layers, allowing the sperm to enter inside. Embryologist selects a sperm with the normal structure and immobilizes it by cutting off its tail. The sperm is aspirated into a long glass micropipette and injected into an egg's cytoplasm. Oocytes are to be fixed with a special microscopic suction cup. The probability of damaging an oocyte during the ICSI procedure is quite low, but it exists, and that’ why one should choose carefully where to perform ICSI procedure and should apply only to highly qualified professionals for this treatment. The probability of becoming pregnant after ICSI is relatively high, normal development of an embryo after its transfer into a female patient's uterus is observed in 90-95% of cases.

Could you, please, tell me, whether I can get pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl) using the IVF procedure? How much that would cost? Could IVF be successful from the first attempt?

The IVF program enables parents to plan a fetus's sex. We carry out the preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) when only embryos of a chosen gender are transferred into the uterine cavity. However, you should be aware that the probability of the twin pregnancy as a result of IVF is still relatively low. The rate of single pregnancies following PGD is about 30% and the rate of twin pregnancies is more than 5%, that is, you can count on these 5%.

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