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65-year-old Berlin resident gave birth to quadruplets


65-year-old Berlin resident on 23rd May gave birth to quadruplets. But these are not the only children of Annegret Raunigk; she already had 13 children ranging in age from 9 to 44.

The schoolteacher had to undergo IVF treatment at one of Ukrainian fertility clinics to become pregnant again, where doctors decided to transfer multiple embryos to the German grandmother.

German doctors, who have been monitoring the future children and Annegret health during the entire gestation period, told that the pregnancy was low-risk. Initially the specialists planned caesarean section at 28 weeks but birth pangs began 14 days earlier. Fortunately, the babies were born alive and healthy. The first born child was a girl whose weight was six hundred and fifty five grams and her height was thirty centimeters. Her brothers weighed a little more: nine hundred and sixty, six hundred and eighty and seven hundred and forty five grams respectively. Now all the children are in special incubators under constant medical supervision.

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