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Scientists have found a way to increase the efficacy of IVF


Taiwanese specialists have found a way to increase the efficacy of IVF that, in their opinion, not only improves chances to achieve pregnancy faster, but also reduces the cost of an IVF in the end.

The author of a new method Chihchen Chen explains that now all embryos of differing quality are usually put in one microdroplet from performing an IVF procedure and until transfer. The new "microwell" system allows arranging them in the way every embryo is put in its own microenvironment. Specialists concluded that in this case viability of embryos, which are very sensitive to any impact, increases.

In order to assess the quality of the embryos, specialists apply time-lapse photography, which allows watching closely their development separately until their transfer. The use of this technology, in Chihchen Chen’s opinion, allow predicting embryos development and, consequently, selecting the most promising of them at an early stage.

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