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Three out of four Russians believe surrogate motherhood is acceptable


 A poll carried out in October 2013 by the state-run All-Russian Center for the Study of Public Opinion (VTsIOM) showed that three of four Russians believed that surrogacy was acceptable. 60% said that surrogacy should be permitted only when people couldn’t have children on their own due to certain medical pathologies, while only 16% said that a surrogacy arrangement could be implemented if intended parents wanted to have children through it.   

20% are completely opposed to surrogacy.  It should be noted that persons with secondary education are less tolerant of this practice than those with higher education (30% versus 15%).  


51% of people living in Russia firmly believe that surrogate mothers do it for a good cause, as they help childless people. This opinion is shared by 59% of Russians aged 18-34 and by 40%  of people aged over 60.


While 25% said that they would turn to the services of a surrogate mother, if they were affected by infertility, 45% responded that they would adopt a child and 30% were unable to respond.  

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