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Israeli scientists have developed a new method for treatment of female infertility


Israeli scientists, which specialize in the area of regenerative medicine, have developed a new method of treatment of female infertility. They supposed that the technique of stem cell transplantation may be applied to recover the endometrium of the uterus, thus increasing significantly chances for successful implantation of the embryo.

At the moment, experts have already begun the treatment, the results of which give rise to hope that the technique will soon be actively put into practice for recovery of fertility of patients with endometrial pathology. In particular, the pregnancy and its normal carrying by a 38-year-old woman were achieved after the stem cell transplantation in the endometrium tissues of the uterus. Also, experts have informed that the efficiency of the method is confirmed by the results of its application in the recovery of reproductive function of a whole group of women treated at Israeli medical centers.

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