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Interdependence between risk of miscarriage and number of egg cells retrieved


 British medical researchers have put forward a theory that there is interdependence between the risk of a miscarriage and the number of eggs which were retrieved after the stimulation of and used to achieve the pregnancy.  

The researchers studied the medical records on the pregnancies of over 120 women who had had infertility treatment through extracorporeal fertilization. 20% of miscarriages were in patients with only 4 oocytes retrieved. 15.5% of miscarriages were stated to occur when the ovaries of patients produced 4-9 follicles. If fertility specialists succeeded in retrieving 10-14 follicles, then the risk of miscarriage was reduced to 13.8%.


Yet the researchers can’t explain this interdependence.  However, they hope to be able to predict a result of IVF more precisely when they have had updated data.  They suppose that a more careful monitoring of the health condition of a pregnant woman and the baby she bears will help to prevent a miscarriage.


However, it should be remembered that the researches, while doing their researches, didn’t consider such factors as   the age of the patients, the number of embryos transferred into the patients’ uteri, and the patients’ infertility causes. 

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