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We carefully perform the diagnostic procedures before the treatment and take
into account all the possible contraindications.
It's a well-known fact that success from the first attempt is not always
possible. There's nothing strange about it. In IVF fertilization depends not
just on the quality of the medical treatment, but on the age and health
condition, the reason of infertility, hormonal status of patients, condition
of the reproductive system-uterus, ovaries, possible genetic and
immunological diseases. If pregnancy did not occure at once, don't despair.
The chance to become pregnant at least after three attempts is about 90%.

As most part of high class artificial insemination and IVF clinics we
provide a treatment with the use of various ART technologies, including IUI,
IVF and ICSI. Your treatment plan can be developed only by indications of
reproductology specialist.We should take in consideration that it's not
always possible to get pregnant from the first time.In IVF fertilization
depends on manyl factors: the partner's age, the causes of infertility,
hormonal background of patients, the condition of the uterus, the
availability of genetic and immunological diseases. If the first time
pregnancy did not occur, this does not mean that the method is ineffective.
In a positive conditions the chance to become pregnant after three attempts
increased to 90% for the year.
Nova Clinic guarantees that:
the medical examination of a surrogate mother will be conducted only by
the top-ranked specialists of the IVF clinic.
all of our surrogate mothers and donors are healthy, well-adjusted women
with a positive outlook and a good motivation.
"Nova Clinic" employs only highly qualified professionals with extensive
experience in the field of IVF. They are regularly trained, using the most
modern techniques and only effective medicine products.
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