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Dr. Alexandr Bratik

Specialist Mammologist

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1986-1992 – Completed his degree in medical business at I.M. Sechenov First Moscow Medical State University.

1991-1992 – Pre-graduate internship in Cancer Research Center of Russian Academy of Medical Science (CRC RAMS) at the Department of Radiosurgery under auspices of Prof. Nechushkin M.I., who specializes in radiosurgery treatment of breast cancer, tumors of uterus, radiosurgery of malignant diseases of oral cavity.

1993 – Traineeship in CRC RAMS at the Department of Tumors of Human Musculoskeletal System under auspices of Trapeznikov N.N., who specializes in the field of treatment of malignant diseases of derma, soft tissues and tumors of skeletal system.

1993-1996 – Traineeship in CRC RAMS at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation under auspices of Malygin E.N., who specializes in the field of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of mammary gland and anterior abdominal wall.

1996-1997 – Post-graduate study at the CRC RAMS at the Department of Medical Rehabilitation.

1997 – Defense of a thesis on a subject: “Late fates and complications after reconstructive surgery of mammary gland with the use of silicone implants and oncologic patients”.

2003-2006 – Study in Psychology at Moscow Municipal State University of Psychology and Pedagogy.

2006-2007 – Study in Clinical Psychology at MMSUPP at the Advanced Training Faculty – specialization in the field of mental dependent illnesses and psychosocial mechanisms of disease progression.

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