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License: № ЛО-77-01-008751

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Dr. Yana Kovaleva

Specialist Geneticist

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Dr. Kovalyeva graduated from Russian State Medical University, Medicine and Biology Faculty, Biochemistry Department.  

Her graduation paper was dedicated to “Techniques used to detect hereditary diseases in embryos created through IVF”.

Her clinical studies were on genetics in General and Medical Genetics Department of Russian State Medical University.

She took refresher courses in laboratory genetics at Russian Medical Academy of Post-graduation Studies.

Dr. Kovalyeva frequently participates in conferences dedicated to the detection of hereditary diseases in embryos.

She develops and tests genetic testing systems which help detect the predisposition for multifactorial hereditary diseases. 

She consults patients who have fertility problems caused by hereditary factors (PGD consultations) and studies and tests PGD techniques.

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