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License: № ЛО-77-01-008751

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Anna Vointseva

Specialist Specializes in gynecology and fertility medicine

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Stavropol State Medical Academy, the medical faculty.


  • Clinical residency in obstetrics and gynecology based SSMA.
  • The certification cycle for ultrasound diagnostics, SSMA.
  • Topical issues of prenatal diagnosis, Russian Institute for Advanced Studies, Moscow
  • «Invasive prenatal diagnosis», Research Institute. Ott , St. Petersburg
  • Training on SPL GUVPO SSMA
  • training (certification cycles) – obstetrics and gynecology
  • Topical issues of prenatal diagnosis (three-dimensional sonography) – Federal State Institute for Advanced Studies FMBA Russia, Moscow
  • Reanimation and intensive care emergency conditions , GOU VPO SSMA

The highest qualification category , in 2007 she was awarded the badge Excellent Health.

An active participant in international congresses , a member from 2012 RAHR .

Experience over 15 years.

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