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    IVF arrangements

    IVF arrangements

    A set of treatment measures performed in order to fertilize an oocyte in vitro is called a treatment program. It covers all the necessary treatment and diagnostic procedures for infertility treatment. It is very convenient as all the treatment procedures are paid at the beginning of the program and the patients visit the fertility specialist without incurring additional expenses. Other treatment arrangements may not cover medical examinations and medicines as well as such procedures as ICSI or cryoconservation. If in the course of the treatment program some of the procedures are cancelled by the doctor, the sum paid by the patients for these services will be reimbursed to them.

    Here are the main treatment arrangements offered by Nova Clinic. The information office of our medical center will be glad to give you detailed information on each of the program.

    Our medical center performs the following IVF programs:

    Natural cycle IVF

    The treatment doesn’t require stimulation of superovulation. It is performed in the natural menstrual cycle. In this case the possibility to achieve pregnancy is lower than it is if stimulation is done. 

    Stimulated IVF cycle

    Under this treatment arrangement ovarian stimulation is performed with hormone medicines. A type of IVF protocol is recommended by the fertility specialist only after a thorough medical examination.

    IVF with egg donation

    In case of complete lack of egg cells in the ovaries of a woman or if produced eggs are of inferior quality and are not good to fertilize, IVF arrangement with donated eggs may be recommended.

    •IVF with insurance against IVF failure

    Under this type of IVF arrangement a part of the sum is reimbursed to the patient, if IVF attempt fails.

    •"All-inclusive" IVF

    As the overall cost of IVF arrangement is difficult to calculate, many patients opt for arrangements under which they make no additional payments and can plan their expenditures.

    •Surrogacy arrangement

    If due to her health state a woman is not able to carry and deliver a child, the option is surrogacy.

    The choice of the arrangement depends on a number of factors. The fertility specialist studies the patients’ medical history and carries out a thorough medical examination with various diagnostic techniques. After that he elaborates a plan of treatment for the patients. 

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