IVF prices in Moscow: cost of the artificial insemination procedure, prices at Nova Clinic
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    IVF prices

    IVF prices


    IVF prices in Moscow – Nova Clinic

    Name Price (RUB)*
    IVF without stimulation (natural cycle) from 87 000
    IVF in a stimulated cycle from 129 000
    IVF program with personalized ovarian stimulation
    from 135 000 
    IVF with double stimulation
    (drugs, embrio transfer and vitrification are not included)
    from 168 500
    Natural Modified IVF Protocol from 111 000
    ICSI from 15 000
    IVF with donor sperm (cryopreserved donor sperm is used) from 144 000
    IVF with vitrified donor oocytes from 201 100
    * Note: In the prices is include an international coordination fee of 15% . The international coordination fee includes the coordination and accompaniment by your personal coordinator of the clinic, translation of medical documents and interpreting services.

    Types of IVF protocols

    The IVF Protocol is an individually selected scheme of administrating of medications that stimulate the woman’s ovulation process.

    Usually, during one cycle one egg matures in a woman's body. The injected drugs are aimed to stimulate the ovaries, which allows to get a large number of eggs.

    Protocols are divided into several types depending on the doses and time of taking medications:
    • Long Protocol starts from the 21st day of the menstrual cycle and it is characterized by the fact that it begins with a regulating stage which is followed by a controlled stimulation stage. The result of a long protocol is a large number of mature and identical-sized eggs. Most often, this type of protocol is prescribed to patients with various gynecological diseases — fibroids, endometriosis, ovarian cysts.
    • Short Protocol starts on the 3rd day of the menstrual cycle and it is created as similar to the natural cycle as possible. The short protocol is recommended for patients without ovarian pathologies, advanced reproductive age, and with an unsatisfactory ovarian response in the long Protocol.
    • Protocol with a minimal stimulation is characterized by the use of low doses of hormonal drugs. As a result, a smaller number of high-quality eggs are obtained in this protocol. The protocol with minimal stimulation is prescribed to the patients with low ovarian reserve of the ovaries.
    • Protocol in the natural cycle is performed without stimulation with hormonal drugs, as a result, one egg matures. This protocol is the most difficult one, because the egg maturation occurs uncontrollably due to the non-use of drugs. Thus, ovulation may occur too soon and the egg will be lost. The main advantage of this protocol is a completely natural cycle without drugs. The main disadvantage is lower efficiency due to obtaining a single egg and the risk of early natural ovulation.
    • Cryoprotocol is an IVF protocol in which an embryo obtained in a previous stimulated IVF cycle is transferred to the uterine cavity.
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    IVF Preparatory Phase

    Before IVF, both partners undergo a thorough examination, as well as treatment (conservative or surgical), if necessary.

    The analysis of blood, hormones, ultrasound, examinations of related specialists – an oncologist, mammologist, therapist.

    Facts about IVF
    Number of children born after IVF
    3.5 million
    Chance of getting pregnant with IVF
    Chance of pregnancy with natural conception
    The percentage of couples experiencing infertility

    The stages of IVF

    1. Stimulation of ovulation is the hormonal stimulation of follicle growth to obtain the maximum number of high-quality eggs.
    2. Oocyte retrieval is the collection of fluid containing the egg from the mature follicle.
    3. Embryological stage is the fertilization of eggs and their further cultivation.
    4. Embryo transfer is the placement of the embryo into the uterine cavity on the 3rd-5th day of the embryo’s development.
    5. Luteal phase support is the supplementation of the luteal phase with the hormonal therapy and it is aimed to create conditions conducive for embryo implantation.

    What is the price of the IVF procedure?

    Many patients wonder how much artificial insemination costs (including IVF with the donor’s cells), even at the stage of choosing the clinic that they are planning to contact. Let's take a closer look at what makes up the price of the procedure.

    Equipment and materials

    High-tech IVF infertility treatment requires the use of modern sophisticated equipment (incubators, workstations, microscopes), expensive supplies, as well as the involvement of highly qualified specialists. The cost of all these components directly affects the price of in vitro fertilization.

    Our ultimate goal is the birth to a healthy baby, and we know for sure that skimp on embryological equipment is impossible, since the results of the procedure largely depend on high accuracy and reliability. If the cost of in vitro fertilization at the medical center is underestimated, this is a reason to think about whether the treatment will be effective.

    Infertility treatment regimen

    Entering the IVF program, you can specify the cost of the procedure with your doctor only after a thorough diagnosis. First, you need to identify all the reasons underlying the decline of fertility, i.e. examination and analysis for IVF are mandatory. Only after that the fertility specialist will develop the optimal treatment regimen according to your case.

    For example, if a serious male factor is present, ICSI might be recommended, in some cases it will be necessary to perform preimplantation diagnostics - all these manipulations, of course, affect the price of in vitro fertilization. So, the cost of an IVF program with donor genetic material will be higher than in the case of using patients’ own oocytes or sperm.

    Drugs in the IVF program

    In addition, the cost of IVF may depend on the ovulation stimulation scheme, which involves the use of hormonal drugs. So, for example, if there is no need for superovulation induction, the IVF price will be lower. However, you should understand that the choice of a program is always based on medical indications and should be optimal in terms of effectiveness.

    Cost of IVF in Moscow

    The price of IVF in Moscow clinics may vary depending on the center of reproduction chosen by the fertility specialist, the specialist chooses it on the basis of examination, treatment regimen and the need for additional manipulations.

    Prices for medical services

    ICSI for IVF in the natural cycle – 15 000 rubles
    IVF program (without the cost of medications and examinations) – 129 000 rubles
    IVF program with 2 donor embryos – 205 000 rubles
    IVF program with personalized ovarian stimulation based on pharmacogenetics – 135 000 rubles
    IVF in the NC – 87 000 rubles
    IVF with the use of vitrified donor oocytes – 201 100 - 335 000 rubles
    IVF using quarantined donor sperm (without the cost of medicines) – 144 000 rubles
    * Note: In the prices is include an international coordination fee of 15% . The international coordination fee includes the coordination and accompaniment by your personal coordinator of the clinic, translation of medical documents and interpreting services.
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