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    Our services

    Our services

    Nova Clinic is a specialized center that treats infertility and gynecological diseases.

    Nova Clinic Services

    • Diagnosis of primary and secondary infertility; diagnosis of the endocrine, immunological and tubal and peritoneal sterility as well as uterine factor infertility in females;
    • Diagnosis of male inferility;
    • Male inferility treatment;
    • Female infertility treatment and IVF;
    • Artificial insemination without hormonal stimulation (in natural menstrual cycle).

    Donor programs:

    • Donor eggs;
    • Donor sperm;


     Fertility doctors and embryologists working at our clinic are experienced IVF professionals. Our main goal is to do everything we can to make your dream of becoming pregnant and giving birth to a healthy child come true. The initial consultation on inferility is free of charge.

    Treatment of Gynecological Diseases:

    • Cervical erosion and leukoplasia;
    • Cervical polyps, cysts of the uterine cervix (nabotov cysts);
    • Cervicitis and endocervicitis;
    • Genital Warts;
    • Chlamydia;
    • Ureaplasmosis and mycoplasmosis;
    • Candidiasis (yeast infection);
    • Gardnerellez;
    • Genital herpes;
    • Salpingitis and oophoritis;
    • Hysteromyoma;
    • Endometritis;
    • Endometrial hyperplasia;
    • Endometriosis and adenomyosis;
    • Vulvitis;
    • Vulvovaginitis;
    • Coleitis.

    We guarantee individual approach to each patient’s needs and high quality medical care. Our phycisians are highly trained professionals, many of them are Doctors of Medicine. In order to achieve the best results, we carefully examine each situation so that we could offer you the most effective treatment.

    +7 495 221-06-88

    Mon-Fr: 08:00-20:00; Sat: 08:00-18:00; Sun: 09:00-18:00

    Moscow, Lobachevskogo street, 20 Search on Google Maps
    Prospekt Vernadskogo
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    +7 495 221-06-88

    Mon-Fr: 08:00-20:00; Sat: 08:00-18:00; Sun: 09:00-18:00

    Moscow, Usacheva street, 33 building 4 Search on Google Maps
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