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    The Center for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Nova Clinic 

    "Nova Clinic" offers you the most modern method of infertility treatment. In vitro fertilization or conception outside a woman's body, "in vitro", which allows you to go round obstacles and reasons on which conception became impossible. Almost in any situation, we find a solution to help your child to be born. If the standard treatment for 1.5 - 2 years have not yielded positive results, so it's time to see a specialist in the field of IVF.

    At first experienced doctors of Nova Clinic discover the reason for infertility and then treat the patient with the most modern methods of assisted reproductive technologies. The possibility of pregnancy appears in a few months. Our center has specialists in reproductive medicine with experience in the field of IVF for more than 12 years! Many couples have already become parents with our team.

    IVF becomes more and more popular. Searching for the best quality people often consider IVF in Spain, for the best price-IVF in India; searching for the balance of price and quality many patients choose Russian clinics.

    IVF is carried out in several stages:
    1. General surveying. According to the results of the primary consultation, the doctor will determine the extent of required surveys. IVF is not just a simple embryo transfer, it requires careful preparation. Normally just one egg gets matured during one menstrual cycle. Special hormonal therapy helps to grow much more of mature oocytes. 

    2. Stimulation of ovulation. The stimulation is carried out to get more mature eggs and increases the chances of getting pregnant. Stimulating medications are selected individually for each patient taking into account the results of a preliminary survey.

    3. Puncture of the follicles and getting eggs. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and it is minimally traumatic for the body. Also, it is performed under intravenous anesthesia and ultrasound guidance.

    4. Fertilization of eggs. On the day of puncture male partner should pass the sperm. It is subjected to special treatment in order to select only healthy sperm. The eggs received as a result of the puncture and fertilized IN VITRO (in a test tube), then placed in an incubator, where they are supported by the special conditions that are identical to the natural. With the preimplantation genetic diagnosis, we can also detect chromosomal abnormalities before the implantation and transfer only the healthiest embryos into the uterus.
    5. Transfer of embryos. On the third or fifth day after follicle puncture, several embryos are transferred into the woman's uterus. The remaining embryos of good quality can be frozen.

    6. Support of the luteal phase. After the embryo transfer, there is a treatment with the medications (2 weeks) in order for the embryos to be attached better. After 2 weeks a woman passes the tests that show if she is pregnant or not.

    For a malefactor of sterility (when sperm cannot fertilize an egg in a test tube), in the absence of fertilization or low rate of fertilization in the previous attempts of IVF, we perform ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). For ICSI the embryologist selects the best spermatozoids and then puts it inside the cytoplasm of an egg.

    Many patients ask us a question: Should I do In Vitro Fertilization? What is the chance of pregnancy after IVF?

    Of course, getting pregnant on the first try is not always possible. One should be ready for this. In IVF cycle success of fertilization depends on several factors: the age of the couple, causes of infertility, the hormonal background of the patients, the condition of the uterus, genetic and immunological diseases. If the first time pregnancy doesn't occur, this does not mean that this method is ineffective. Egg donation program procedure generally increases the chances of success because genetic material used in artificial (in vitro) fertilization belongs to young women of excellent health only.
    In positive conditions, the chance to become pregnant after three attempts increased up to 90% for the year. Our staff is regularly trained. We're using the most modern techniques and the most effective medical products. In our clinic, you are in good hands!

    Our Equipment 
    Center for In Vitro Fertilization "Nova Clinic" works with the best and the most modern specialized equipment from Japan, Germany, Holland, USA.

    Quality Assurance Services 
    In carrying out the program of IVF in our clinic we use only the most expensive and high-quality environment for the cultivation of embryos and supplies of the companies: COOK, Vitrolife

    Cost of services:
    We are pleased to offer you attractive prices for our services. The price of in vitro fertilization can be higher if you use one of the following ART methods: ICSI, PGD(preimplantation genetic diagnosis), assisted hatching, subsequent cryopreservation of embryos, egg and sperm donation. You will be able to know the total cost of IVF only after you have undergone a complete medical examination, which will allow the doctor to recommend the optimal infertility treatment regimen for you and will say if you need the specified procedures.

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