The cost of the program
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    The cost of the program

    The cost of the program

    Cost of Nova Clinic surrogacy program Surrogate motherhood - what does the cost of the procedure include?

    Surrogate Motherhood is a complex program, and the cost of it is made up of several components.

    So, let's see what exactly is meant by total legal and medical support procedure.

    • The cost of the surrogate mother’s services

    It is easy to figure out that the price for the services of a surrogate mother is much lower than the cost of a program in a specialized center. And it is natural. Potential surrogate mother usually names just the amount of compensation to be paid after the birth of a child. However, all the additional costs of this program are not defined in this case.

    • The cost of the surrogate mother’s examination

    The surrogate mother (and biological parents) should be tested to prove whether they fit all the existing requirements to participate in this program. Of course, the patient is to pay for the examination. And if the health of women will not be as good as she said(and, alas, it happens quite often), one has to pay the examination of other potential surrogate mothers. Surrogacy agency or legal consular of the IVF clinic checks the surrogate mothers and their preliminary examination. Therefore, by browsing the database, you can be sure that each of these women is not only completely healthy physically and mentally, but also has passed an interview with a professional psychologist.

    • Signing up a contract with a surrogate mother

    After you find a surrogate mother and define the price of her services it is necessary to conclude an agreement, which will include the rights and obligations of the parties, determine the size and order of payment. We advise to do it with the help of the professional lawyers specializing in the family law and have experience of work with the surrogacy procedure.

    • Legal support contract

    Surrogacy agency or legal consular of the IVF clinic takes care of all the legal issues and possible problems of the surrogate motherhood program till the moment the child would get an official Birth Certificate with the names of the biological parents.

    • Cost of the IVF in the surrogacy program

    Counting how much surrogacy program can cost we should not forget the medical component. Surrogate motherhood program includes the cost of IVF and all the necessary preparations.

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