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    Surrogacy is one of methods of assisted reproduction technologies applied when a woman is not able to carry and deliver a baby due to her poor health state. Thirteen years ago the only way out of such a situation was adoption.  Nowadays infertility  problem can be successfully solved, even if ametria is diagnosed to a woman.

    The essence of a surrogacy program consists in the following: a surrogate mother carries a baby to whom she has no genetic link. An embryo is produced by means of an extracorporeal fertilization: egg cells of the biological mother (or of an egg donor) are fertilized with sperm of the biological father (or of a sperm donor). After that the embryo is transferred into the uterus of the surrogate mother. According to the agreement made between the spouses and the surrogate mother, the latter is to hand them the baby upon delivery. The Civil Registry registers the spouses in the capacity of the legal parents of the baby.

    In Russia surrogacy is absolutely legal and regulated by the current legislation.

    As usual, married couples turn to specialized medical centers, which are competent to implement and coordinate such a program for them. 

    How is a surrogacy program implemented at clinics and specialized medical centers in Russia?

    A surrogacy program presupposes the following stages.

    The first stage is a candidate selection. The issue demands a thorough consideration.  A medical center specialized in surrogacy disposes of its own database of examined candidates who meet the requirements of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation and can immediately participate in a surrogacy program.

    A surrogate mother and the biological parents conclude an agreement on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The agreement specifies the obligations of the parties. It is elaborated by lawyers and   specific for any particular situation.  The agreement stipulates all the issues including the compensation of the surrogate mother, the order of payment and the other points which are crucial for both the parties.

    We exert a strict control on all the stages of the program and help to select a candidate who is able to carry your baby. We implement the medical part and facilitate the legal aspect of the program.

    The lawyers of Nova Clinic are highly efficient and experienced in the field of the medial and family law. Our specialists are capable of solving all the issues related with the legal aspect of the program up to the registration of the baby at the Civil Registry.

    We can guarantee that a surrogate mother has undergone a thorough medical examination, i.e. she is physically and mentally healthy, and psychologically adequate to be accepted into a surrogacy program. 

    We assume the full responsibility for the quality of all the examinations and analyses as they are performed by our facilities.

    Nova Clinic is a medical reproduction center. Our doctors are highly experienced in the ART field. So, you may be sure that all medical procedures are performed by efficient specialists. Nova Clinic would be glad to offer you pregnancy surveillance performed by our specialists in terms of a surrogacy agreement.

    If you want to be observed by your doctor at another IVF clinic, we can elaborate an agreement relevant to your requirements. In this case we assume responsibility only for the legal aspect of the program.

    Our clinic can offer you different types of agreements. You could opt for that which meets all your requirements.

    Once concluded a surrogacy agreement with Nova Clinic, you may be sure that our specialists will help you to become parents! 

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