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Infertility treatment
in Nova Clinic

We effectively treat infertility, even in complex cases, including infertility in women of advanced reproductive age.

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Nova Clinic is a medical center for reproductive and genetic health situated in Moscow. Our main goal is efficient infertility treatment, especially, in women of advanced reproductive age as well as in patients with combined infertility factors and idiopathic infertility.

Another important goal of our clinic is to maintain the high level of pregnancies through IVF and minimize possible pregnancy complications.

Our success is based on:

  • Personalized superovulation induction plans and ovarian response monitoring, including short stimulation plans, natural IVF cycles, flexible IVF plans that help decrease complications and increase the efficiency of the procedure.
  • Contemporary treatment plans including a delayed embryo transfer and a delayed egg collection, which help reduce possible complications related to an IVF cycle and to early pregnancy terms.
  • Profound examination of intended parents including a genetic screening for possible hereditary disease that can be transmitted to a baby.
  • Invariable high pregnancy rate even in mature age patients, as we constantly improve our laboratory facilities and send our embryologists to attend training courses in leading fertility centers worldwide.

Our main goal is to unite highly-qualified specialists with good experience and knowledge in order to provide high quality medical services to overcome infertility.

Our philosophy is providing paid medical services without a commercialized approach to treatment. All medical checks and tests we ask our patients to undergo are indispensable to their treatment plans and strongly recommended by Russia’s Health Ministry Acts. Our patients can do them either in our clinic or in their local clinic.

Our mission is the same as yours, as every day we share the happiness of our patients when they achieve pregnancy or deliver a baby through our programs.

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Clinic Khamovniki

Moscow, Usacheva street, 33 building 4
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Clinic Southwest

Moscow, Lobachevskogo street, 20
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Mass Media about us

Russian Channel “RUSSIA-1”, TV programme “Vesti Moscow


The issue discussed is “Surrogacy: a double-side coin? Guest experts are a fertility specialist and an embryologist of Nova Clinic.

Channel 1, TV transmission “Pust govoryat”


The discussion is focused on the story of Evelina Bledans, a Russian actress, who delivered a baby boy with Down syndrome. The expert guest of the TV transmission is Dr. Denis Ogorodnikov, a gynecologist and fertility specialist


Channel One Russia


Let them talk TV show: is surrogacy in mature age a modern tendency? Can you trick nature in rewinding your biological clock? Guest expert is Mr. Dancheev, general manager of Nova Clinic

Link to video - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vAKbhghG6w

TV channel "Russia-1" - free IVF program


TV channel "Russia-1" in collaboration with Nova Clinic implemented a free IVF program for a couple with fertility problem.


Mr. Dmitry Rozanov - surrogacy in a commercial clinic


Mr. Dmitry Rozanov, a legal specialist of the center of reproductive medicine and genetics Nova Clinic, speaks about issues related to the agreement on surrogacy in a commercial clinic.

+7 495 221-06-88

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